Our Mission
It is our mission to produce world-class individuals who can be proud of where they came from. We are here to guide the less fortunate in obtaining the education that they deserve. With our qualified professional staff and teachers, we are proud to offer you our services.
What We Offer
Our services are centered towards the development of our students both mentally and physically. We also encourage each of our students to be socially aware and be part of community activities. Our commitment pushes towards the satisfaction of our clients from all over the communities. Come and have the best time while learning.
Welcome to INT Solid Rock Limited

When a community is said to be developed, it does not count on the various social amenities that is being acquired in that particular society. Instead, it centers on the future leaders of that society whom happens to be the youths. Many societies rely on the younger generation to assist them in further developing its environment.

To accomplish such goal, society must carry these youths along in good nature and upbringing, not minding their various backgrounds or where they came from. Through guidance and teachings, they will improve the lives of their communities.



New Features
Read at some of the articles that could inspire you to have our brand of educational assistance through our programs.
Success Stories
We have inspired lives for the years we have worked. We want you to read some of them so that you too will be inspired that life is full of wonderful surprises.
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